Thursday, 27 April 2017

You Said I Was Your Venus
(former deity now memorial)

by Charlotte De'Ath

you used to treat me as a goddess
even placing me on a pedestal
against my pleas of vertigo
but after we moved in together
you cut my arms off

between my legs
push wriggle thrust grunt
you thought that was what love meant

leaving behind
on my marble white thighs
stains where your unarmed semen
dribbled then exsiccated
no one cried

i am still
i’ve gone from goddess to memorial
for the thousands unnamed
(s)hipwrecked on venus

* * * * *

Charlotte was born in the east end of London but now lives in an idyllic cottage situated deep in the beautiful Suffolk countryside.  She has published one chapbook ‘Kicks To Hypnotise Suburban Daughters’ by Erbacce Press, and a further one of dark urban fairy tales is in the making.  She spends most of her free time playing with the Clueless Collective at:

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