Thursday 13 April 2017


by Sheena Singh

What is Sin?

Or who defines what is right and what is wrong?
Being Humans we believe in the Law of Karma. We have been injected with the thought “You reap what you sow.”

In real life also, we come across many instances wherein we get to see people who engage in “bad deeds” get some sort of punishment in the same life. As Indians we believe in the strong power of “destiny.” When someone does something we do not approve of, instead of setting them right, we believe that “HE” will punish them for their misdeeds.

What really is right or wrong? Who defines what is or who is wrong? Is it the one who has all materialistic powers on this earth?

What we normally term as wrong include bribery, deception, lies and murdering someone. This also needs filtering. Bribery can alternately be termed as “customer service” or “marketing budget” which may be politically correct for some and wrong for others. Why is it wrong for that fewer section of masses? Are they foolish or naive in accusing marketing strategy as bribery? Or is it that their inner conscience doesn’t allow them to stoop to that level and accept favors?

But why are they being framed as “egoistic” or “high headed”

If the person accepting bribe is committing a sin, why isn’t he/she getting punished? Does that mean it’s not at all sin? We just wait for the Universe to give a hint and punish him/her instead of cleaning the system. But who will clean the system when the system itself is pretending to be blind?

We were taught in our childhood not to lie else you go blind. But don’t we all lie once in a while in our continuous effort to keep a balance in many ways? Is that a sin? What if one lie is sweeter to be heard than a bitter truth? Are we being manipulative here?

Is deception a sin? Bluffing is also deception. The majority of the corporations and employers bluff. Are they deceiving the masses? Those who bluff are still very much a part of and at the top of many systems. Knowing that we follow their speech, admire their way of handling matters. Sometimes an entire nation runs on this very idea. How can it be a sin then?

Murdering someone is supposed to be the worst sin apparently. Anyone who murders another human is bound to be punished. They are jailed for an indefinite period. But aren’t they leading a peaceful life? They get bail to get married, to attend their special events as per their hold on the system. Murdering someone for self-defense is not a sin we are told.  

The question is who and what are the minimum parameters of defining Sin? How are these parameters set?  Are there any guidelines for punishment and time frame? Shall we continue for “HIM” to enter and punish the so called sinners as per our choice? Does the law of Karma even exist? Is it what we sow that we reap actually?

The fact is that we are bound by our own conscience. It is nothing but our self-worth that speaks up for us when something goes right or wrong. The stronger our belief in our own self-esteem and values, the more we raise concerns when something or someone does wrong as per those guidelines. We are nothing but mere conscience.

And regarding punishment, let’s stand by the nature’s law, let’s give time some time.

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