Tuesday, 4 April 2017

March January 21 2017 

by Bobbie Dark

History repeats itself. Maybe if it was her-story  instead. A conscious created. Something to look back at and be proud of.  If he only knew what it was like. Mother hen lay his eggs. Bleeding our respect vulnerable a consequence now lacking confidence. Priority always he. In-bed end in our genes. Mother to be. Creating consciousness that’s secondary. Never noticed. Acknowledged but would we rather be. Spotlight gets hot when he can’t have it his way. Perfect pictures propaganda can’t  bear  to get involved. Bearing children is tiresome enough all I’m good for. Sit by his side look professional but not too pretty they are all watching now woman cover up god owns your body sacred only for him. Only meant to be seen by your man. Only meant to be second to man. Mother Goose your rights can be found in never land. Peace and consciousness is a fairytale. Keep on day dreaming her story may visit reality someday. Woman’s equal rights march was today. Too many showed up in Chicago, not allowed to March.  Too many sheep to be heard all at once. All gathering in inner cities boosting economy. Mother’s your milk feeding the capital that you protest. That is what's  really going on. Still in bed, sleeping with the man pro creating a conscious con.

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