Tuesday, 25 April 2017

This is Not a Dark Night of the Soul; it’s Thursday

by Laurie Lyter Bright

I don’t have much to say
Or do with Jesus anymore.
We used to run into each other all the time -
Waving across the crowded room at a party; he always looked so animated.
I was never totally sure I’d heard him right over the cacophony and celebration,
But I was always comforted by his thrilled smile.
I am here!
And so are you!
Isn’t that marvelous?
- it was -
Nowadays when I go to parties, when I walk through a day, I am more often claustrophobic.
When all the people get too close and the music is too damn loud.
All I can think in those moments is:  how long till I can go home again?
This hustle between work, responsibility, adulthood, making it all work right…
Right?  Right.
It is an overcrowded party.
I cast around glances - when I can remember -
Looking for my friend with the reassuring smile.
I scan faces, voices, listening for him, seeking.
In the sea of bodies, He does not rise.
Maybe he’s in the bathroom, or stepped outside for a smoke.
Maybe he’s at another party across town.
God knows Jesus loves to party.

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