Monday, 17 April 2017

He Seemed So Nice…

by Joan Leotta

such joy.
Met a young man, through work,
could have been a second son of mine.
"Friended" him on Facebook.
Followed his story
of everyday triumphs;
best was his tale of
finding "love of his life."
Followed their story—
his telling charmed me—
so much love.
Then his beloved sent
a note revealing
that seeming son,
was in the thrall of drugs.
Betrayal had
framed his every action.
She was never "the beloved."
Words of love were illusions
spilled out into the ether.
Theft, cheating, abuse, had
daily slashed the shell
of their lives, shredded
the fabric of his many
sad small lies.
He was no son of mine
in truth or spirit,
yet, this loss
of who I thought he was
tears at me.
Sadness, anger

Such anger.

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