Saturday, 22 April 2017

My Daughter Gave Me the Moon
Super Moon 2016

By Joan Leotta

Just days after my birthday
January, 1948,
they tell me,
super moon
slipped through
my bedroom window
to bless my sleeping baby
cheek with his
soft silver kiss.
So, when he returned
in full close glory
I watched for him
through my kitchen
window.  Now a woman, 69,
cooking supper, I hoped
for some lunar recognition or
at least to glimpse that rare beauty.
Rain and clouds barred
me from meeting moon—
Sunday, Monday.
Even Tuesday morn and eve
fog denied me moon
sighting joy
Tuesday morn,
I complained by phone
to my daughter, Jennie,
who commiserated –
fog had blocked her from
moon sighting too,
miles away in Washington.
On Tuesday night, however,
driving to a meeting,
fog cleared for her; Jennie
spied the moon!
She stopped, snapped—
emailed two photos to me.
So, against all celestial conspiring,
My daughter sent me
what fog tried to hide.
My daughter gave me the moon.

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