Monday, 19 August 2019

Visions of Paradise

by Francesca West

I have visions of paradise,
But do actions reflect that in my daily life?
It’s the sunshine I give up for storm clouds.
The drops of rain I let rise above the cooling ground, 
Yet, like the sun, paradise is always around.
I get concentrated on chasing the rain away,
Instead of letting it hit me like a crashing wave,
A tsunami washing over how I mentally behave.
These visions are far beyond the pain I could live in.
To always want the sun’s assurance shown 
While blocked from brightness
By the walls of an inner prison.
Because the mindset I manifest 
So often puts my power on low,
To have the budding leaves on trees
And how they should grow,
But not in the shadows,
And I stand alone,
Crying, I’m a helpless victim to what these clouds do!
The ones I know, grew, and use that block out my own view.
They are water of attachment to self-abuse.
You can live in darkness, escaping the sun,
Or become still within where
The Source has won.
My ego is alive and dying every day.
I see these visions of paradise rise 
Every time I calm my brain.
Scattering glimpses of the sun’s brilliant rays.
I know life’s looking at chaos either way,
I’d rather grab the warmth of change 
Than live with this complacent rain.
See the clouds dissipate,
The trees realizing they don’t have to wait!
For they can live with a sun that’s shining, 
But they must first make themselves 
One the sun can be finding.
It’s called creating Spring,
The Emotional Awakening.

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  1. Yup, as Gregg Allman told us, it just ain't easy. But the caring counts.