Sunday 18 August 2019

Our collective ritual

by Kashiana Singh

Invitation to my nectar, I give in ritual
You flow with secrets of my belly
You spin inside my chambers
You are a sound to my vacuum
Moaning I release, your absence
You are my deepest love, bleeding
I dance, as you flow full into the earth
Creating an echoing voice, of fertility
Goddess healing deep within her womb
You return to me, my virility in healing
A reclamation of the cosmos to my womb
You flow confessional, my muscles reclaim
As they constrict and contract, shredding
Life as it pulses its way, cyclical
You flow in rich flourish, I restore, reclaim
My warmth now a place of authentic lyrics
Unleashed, received at my feminine altar
A collective ritual, purging our spirits
Of restrictive blocking, bringing alive
Our sacred, rejecting disharmony
Discarding rituals of limitations
Our collective blessing, journey with the moon

* * * * *

Kashiana Singh, 51, is a management professional by job classification and a work practitioner by personal preference. Kashiana’s TEDx talk was dedicated to the topic - Work as Worship.
Her poetry collection, Shelling Peanuts and Stringing Words dips into very vulnerable and personal contexts but also explores the shifting tectonic plates of the world around her.
She is from India, now lives in Chicago and bridges the miles by regularly etching her thoughts on her poetry blog – Her work has appeared regularly on platforms like OnMogul, Literary Yard, Best Poems. She is in the process of gathering her second collection of poems.