Thursday, 29 August 2019

Beneath White Falls

Katherine L. Gordon

Even the surface is untranquil
the dark depths flowing fiercely fast
disturb in claws of wave, hint in ebony globes
the clutch of black abyss bottomless, unsurfeable,
return to brighter fusion barred.
And yet the cascade of white foam
infused with bright,
a separation of molecular mystery
we hunger for eternally.
The river leaps from her attempt to capture sun,
roars in fall over tearing rocks
into a descent none can prevent,
an almost grasp of that ephemeral light
beyond reach of even earth’s angels.
The lower journey flint-barren
will never take the traveler back
to that place where separation
from almost–knowledge
flung him away.

* * * * *

"Beneath White Falls" is from the author's new book Wing-Wishing: of Unicorns, Ravens and Wolves.

Katherine L. Gordon is a poet, publisher, essayist, judge and reviewer, whose works have been published internationally, translated into several languages. She is currently the overseas judge for the Reuben Rose International contest. Her latest book: Caution: Deep Water, HMS Press, named among the best reads of 2018 in The Southwest Festival of the Written Word in the U.S. Her tribute poem to Lawrence Ferlinghetti’s 100th celebration is published in Italian, a current e-book. She has many books, chapbooks, anthologies and collaborations with her talented peers who inspire her work. Publications with Craigleigh Press, Lummox Press, HMS Press, Cyclamens and Swords Press. She was awarded a certificate from The World Poetry Society this summer, 2019. Katherine believes poetry is a unifying force in the world today, with Canadian poetry making a powerful impact. A review of her work is in this summer issue of Canadian Stories. Her new book with Melinda Cochrane International Press is Wing-Wishing: of Unicorns, Ravens and Wolves.

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  1. Physical and emotional tensions, with a hint of metaphysical mystery. I'm there!