Saturday, 24 August 2019

Motherhood at Starbucks

by Sandy Rochelle

A little boy of about three discusses his day's activities
With his pretty-young-blond mother.
While neatly eating a black and white cookie.
In a celebratory moment of unbridled grace
He offers his mom a small bite of his temporary treasure.
His award for being good that day.
His prize for perfection.
His symbol of love and acceptance.
His prized cookie.
She accepts with ceremony and flair as if it were a
Peace prize.
Knowing that this may not come again.
It has become both history and tradition
In the same moment.
They converse.
Discussing the plans that are meaningful
Only to them.
I am amazed at the fluidity of their grace.
Their complete and utter understanding of one another.
I wonder what our lives (yours and mine) would be like
If we were so blessed.
To be able to discuss little treasures with such ease.
To erase all obscurity and see face to face.
Without excuses-apologies and impatience.
Except on special days.
When the sun shined directly on us
And angels guide us home.
When the rain warms us in an unsuspecting way
On a night that calls our name and the Gods
Remind us of who we are and why we are here.
We are clothed in costumes.
Unrecognizable to most.
We walk home.
In love.
With the way we agree on this
Most holy night.

* * * * *
Sandy Rochelle is a poet-actress and filmmaker. She is the recipient of the Autism Society of America's Literary Achievement Award, The World Peace Prayer Society Poetry Prize, and New York State's Mother of the Year award.

Many of Sandy Rochelle's poems are influenced by her son, David, who is autistic and deaf.  
Sandy is featured in the film Bohemia: 'The life of a New York City Poet. Publications include:
Ekphrastic Review, Amethyst Review, Visions International, and others.


  1. Magnificent. Beautiful. Sublime with healing and hope.

  2. Lovely, moving poem. WE look for big gestures, forgetting how it is the small ones that shine their light on us. Thank you!!!!

  3. Gorgeous, evocative, tenderly beautiful. Sandy has the heart and soul of a true poet.

  4. Exquisitely written by a poet who has the ability to both heal and uplift the spirit of a fallen world.

  5. A beautiful and heartfelt poem. What an amazing ability to express the simplicities of life in such an exquisite way.