Friday 30 August 2019

Lying Between the Sheets

by Lainie Belcastro

Between the sheets they lie,
Exposing more than their naked bodies.

“I want you,” she whispers.
“I want you too,” he whispers back.
Their eyes close to finish their intimate act.

In her mind she calls a different name.
In his mind he does the same.

“Goodnight,” he says.
“Goodnight,” she sighs.
They turn their backs,
Then pull up the sheets that cover their lies.

* * * * *

recently published in the inspirational Writing In A Woman’s Voice. Her worldwide
children’s book, Harriet’s Heartbroken Heart, released by Guardian Angel Publishing,
co-authored by her daughter, Nika, and illustrated by Jack Foster, is a healing book for 
children experiencing grief. Another children’s book is contracted for a future release. 
Her uplifting stories can be found in many of the motivational Chicken Soup for the Soul
books. Lainie is co-creator of the trademarked Mrs. Terra Cotta Pots & Twig, and the 
Patching Hearts healing programs for children. As a guest speaker, she encourages 
her wide audiences to "see something beautiful every day!" She holds many titles in
the arts, but her most treasured title is mom! Visit her at

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  1. Thanks Beate for supporting my thoughts and words! So wonderful to share!