Friday, 1 February 2019

The Moon & I

by Candice Marie

Like waves of the ocean,
my emotions are controlled by the moon.

One misty night, my soul feels ravaged
tossing from one extreme to the next
rioting onto lonely shores of jumped-to conclusions.

There are calm nights...serenity
when the pale, faceless mask of the moon has retreated for a brief moment
jolts of pure contentment,
laughter wafting across a calm sea, happy music floating against its surface.

A man could drown in those depths, yet live happily above it all.

The reflection of the moon on the dark, mystical waters of my soul is just a silent mockery
as the next night the rays of twilight attack my senses

feeling as if even the stable shores of which I desperately crash are against me
laughing silently while I cling to its edges
sliding backward only to try,
try again to attach myself to something
not so wayward,
not so transparent or reflective as the cursed moon in the darkness of the night.

* * * * *

Candice Marie was born in Fort Oglethorpe, Georgia, and raised by single mother in DeKalb County, Alabama. She wrote her first short story at 8 years old and has been writing her entire life. Of six sisters, she is the only bookworm. She has written over 150 poems; some are published online but most stay in her notebook. She has written over 50 songs. Currently she is working on first novel to be published Dorrance Publishing by June 2020. She is engaged to her high school sweetheart planning to be married in June 2020. Candice currently works from home as an online transcriber and works on fulfilling her dream of publishing a series of Best Sellers. 

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