Sunday, 10 February 2019

Butterfly Gift

by Francesca West

Scarred butterfly,
Your wings with so many holes.
I stopped to see if you could fly
And there you go.
Flower to flower
As though your wings have no problems.
You fly as though you’ve never encountered violence.

I see these holes in you and wonder
With my imperfect wings do I just need to flap harder?
Or forget the tears put there.
You live beautifully, so presently aware.
I’m glad our paths crossed
Because I too can live this way.

I followed the lilac’s scent
Leading right up to your display,
Of learning to practice the strength of endurance.
To remind myself harmful memory’s a hindrance.
The truth is I can choose fulfillment.
You do, so why be any different?
You teach me with what I survive
That I’m free to fly.

Now it’s time to embrace this life
Despite bewilderment we find.
You live with so many holes,
Showing so few signs.
So many chances to start again
And you’re always taking flight.

It's that you presently have nothing to fear
And that is the gift that I now hold dear.
My nostrils turned to devour
The scent of those passing flowers
And then you soared inside my mind.
I’ll never forget your existence,
You’re now alive for all of time.
Because my eyes perceived to let go of life’s stings
And live more truthfully,
Because with what I have,
These were never broken wings.

* * * * *

"Butterfly Gift" was first published in Silver City Quarterly Review.