Wednesday, 27 February 2019


by Mary K. O'Melveny

I dream of Nancy with her coiffed brown hair
borne, like a spectre, to the White House lair.
I see her mapping out her strategic plays,
happy that her Members will approve her stay.
Many were the promises she had in store
to convince her skeptics she should rule once more.
Oh, I dream of Nancy with her nerves of steel,
her persimmon dresses, her stiletto heels.
I longed for Nancy with her winsome smile.
She gave us what we needed with her artful guile.
She was an expert at rules of days gone by.
Watching her take charge made my heart sigh
as she spoke truth to power again and again,
planning for our future on the enemy’s terrain.
Oh, I longed for Nancy when the country went low,
forgetting who had always been a true (s)hero.
I sighed for Nancy when her tenure was delayed,
but she is back to show us how the game is played.
The policies we need may not be dead and gone.
Her smiles will still sparkle as the gavel comes down,
her manicured fingers wielding it once more,
reminding us all of what was good before.
So, I sigh for Nancy as she assumes the Speaker’s chair,
floating like an angel over our dank, swampy air.

1 comment:

  1. Artful, indeed. She and thee, and a lovely tune, to boot. And I'd love a sequel, with rhymes for house of white! ;)