Friday, 18 August 2017

Today a huge thank you to all of you who have submitted and shared your words, and also to those of you who will do so in the future.

Yesterday's poem completed another cycle of 91 postings of Writing In A Woman's Voice, bringing the total to 273. Tomorrow begins a new cycle. I am so pleased with and inspired by all the gorgeous voices flowing this way. We need each other's voices and each other's courage in these troubled times. And are we ever in trouble. Politically. Personally. How can one gather enough strength out of despondent hearts that are getting no rest from news of violence, so that one feels almost guilty at stopping to admire the flowers? Here we help each other along with saying what needs to be said, in beauty, in anger, in sadness, even in indifference. And then we simply move forward into our precious days.

A small practical observation. The blog is open to prose as well as poetry. The preponderance of submissions and posts has been poetry. I would very much like to look at some prose submissions in the future.

I am sending you love, and wishes for much needed courage, and wishes for happy days. 

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