Saturday, 19 August 2017

The Fortune Teller offers answers on Saturday night

by Grace Marie Grafton

Believe me, they'd be different if it were
Sunday dinner or Wednesday choir practice
but I see you have your black pumps on I suppose
there's a garter of some hula-hula color up your
leg. You want to know about Prince Charming or
at least a cute-enough guy who can dance the salsa
or take you for a drive in his convertible car with
the top down and some contemporary version of
Frankie or McCartney singing the song.
You're riding the wrong carousel, Honey,
Saturday night's a poker game that's gone
bust for anyone who wants a part in the serious
show, at least for a modern woman. Take my
word for it (and that's what you're paying me for)
you'll do better building bridges or being a scholar
of medieval medical practices. At least there's
undeniable material there for a block buster best
seller and you're always going to need a back-up
income if you want to contribute to the gene pool.
You deserve to choose to be a mother.

* * * * *

Grace Marie Grafton is the author of six collections of poems, most recently 'Jester,' published by Hip Pocket Press. She has taught thousands of children to write poetry through her work with CA Poets in the Schools.

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