Monday 21 August 2017

Dirty Underpants

by Barbara Walker

Guys young and not so young,
what makes you think we want to see your bum?
I ask you, please,
are you comfortable with pants around your knees?

I am appalled and look askance,
when you show your dirty underpants.
I'm sick of seeing your bum!
When will this fashion craze be done?

Although, it is so much fun,
to watch you hold your pants, as you try to run.
If you saw yourself from behind, walking,
you'd change your pants without balking

You'd see yourself holding your pants to your waist, so tight,
with knees bent outward to keep your jewels from sight.
To others, you look so asinine,
while you think you look, oh, so fine.

Please, get some pants that truly fit
and you'll be able to run and sit
and I can enjoy the sun,
instead of seeing your glaring bum.

* * * * *

Barbara Walker has had several short stories published in anthologies and her poems published in various magazines. She loves to watch the beautiful sunsets from her comfy chair on her patio of her new hometown by a lake in Arizona.

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