Monday 3 April 2017

Sexual parallel Universe/ Girl that cried Wolf  

by Bobbie Dark

Sick of living 
As soon as he wakes up he calls me a whore. 
 As soon as I get on the train they talk of sexual harassment.  
As soon as I start walking a man pulls over asking if I want a ride.  
As soon as I walk up to the fucking train I see someone who violated me. 
 Can I please get out of this sexual parallel universe, I want to die. Nowhere to run, nowhere to hide. Repressed energy everywhere I look. Why can’t I escape? This is not the reality I chose to find. Nowhere I, want to go. It will never be normal. My aura is fucked. Red so red, like the hair on my head. The past haunting me today. Should have stayed inside. What the fuck is going on with my mind. Is this what she was talking about? Parallel universe, reoccurring images made in self-doubt. A set up I am starting to believe. They are all in this together, everyone I meet. Why even today I seen his dad on the street. The one he swore he could never be. Now look at me. Lost where do I go? Maybe back to San Francisco. In a tent on the beach writing poetry. No one to lead me on a journey of false hopes that I could ever be normal, healthy. A real world reality. The only chance I got to really be me. Because my words mean nothing to you. Even when I tell the truth. Call me what you want I will never deny it. This roads at its wit’s end you can never comply it. Not is my destiny to get treated so unkindly. 
The girl the cries wolf got nothing now to hide. 
The girl that cries wolf will always be a liar. 
The girl that cries wolf now she’s on fire. 
Just wants a little respect but no one’s strong enough to deal with what they inspire. So they push her down, make her weak. But she’s sick of it all. You’ll be back in less than a week. To drag her back into your hole. The grave you dug to hide from it all. Don’t underestimate her now she is tired of the sun. And all the words that made her run, she’s done. Move on from the ones who take, take, take, now look what you have become. Have fun. 

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