Monday 10 April 2017

Announcement of Writing In A Woman's Voice Moon Prize.

While I am unable to pay each and every contributor to Writing In A Woman's Voice, I will from here on out award a modest prize of $91.00 for one story or poem posted on Writing In A Woman's Voice between one full moon and the next.

Writing In A Woman's Voice has posted women's voices since the second half of 2016, so I will at first backtrack and catch up a bit and give awards for stories and poems posted during earlier full moon cycles, starting tomorrow for the September 16, 2016 full moon, and the day after for the October 15, 2016 full moon. Then two awards in May, June, and so on, until I am caught up to date.

I treasure each and every one of your contributions and I do wish I had the funds to pay everyone. I fund this with 10% of my own income – as others tithe themselves for their faith – and clearly my faith is in women's voices. 

Do keep your stories and poems coming. 

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