Tuesday, 14 December 2021

I’m at war with my age

by August Rose Crothers

I’m twenty two years old.
Have I wasted twenty two years
or am I just beginning to reach my full potential?
I’m twenty two.
Should I be at the club?
Should I be getting engaged?
Should I be starting a 401k?
I constantly feel at war with my age.
Is where I'm at in life okay?
On my worst days I tell myself I’m a failure.
And at my best I reflect on how far I’ve come.
How do I find a balance
of motivating myself to be better
but to also be proud of how much I’ve done?
How do I get myself to believe
I’m exactly where I should be?

* * * * *

August Rose Crothers, 23, of Orlando is an aspiring author who writes poems and stories about life, love, and relationships in your early twenties. She writes work with the main theme of love and life lessons, learning and bettering yourself by accepting honesty, vulnerability, and change.

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