Friday, 3 December 2021



by Pamela Nocerino

Women are back
to nothing again today
in a country far from me —
their personhood revoked 
like a license
because some turned away
And I am here
impaired by freedoms 
claimed by some
in proud lairs of personhood
where gender 
is but one offense
We are all
falling backwards
in the fight for 
the right 
to turn some

* * * * *

Pamela Nocerino is a ghostwriter and teacher who once helped build a giant troll in the Rocky Mountains. She enjoyed a brief career on stage in Denver until she needed health insurance. Then, she taught public school students for over 20 years and raised two inspiring people. Two of her short plays were selected for staged readings in Colorado and Georgia, and some of her poems were published Plum Tree Tavern, Splintered Disorder Press, Gyroscope Review, Third Estate Art's Quaranzine and Capsule Stories. Most recently, she had a short story selected for Jerry Jazz Musician

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  1. This poem completely surprised me as evoked a myriad of strong feelings I did not anticipated. It takes an immensely talented writer to get such a visceral response with so few words. Well done Pamela!