Wednesday, 1 December 2021

Power of Silence

by Dorah Achieng

When you are so mad,
And feel like crushing.
When you can’t hold on,
And want to scream it all.
When you feel so walked on,
And want to do the same.
When you feel you have been used,
And want to pay back.
When they have said enough about you,
And you want to confront them.
When you feel like you can’t stand them anymore,
And want to pay back.
Just maintain your silence.
Just keep off from all the noises.
Just take a step of faith and walk out.
You don’t have to prove yourself to anyone.
You don’t have to explain yourself to anyone.
Sometimes, it is better to just walk out in silence
Than to pay back.                                                                              
There is power in silence,
It communicates loudly,
What couldn’t be understood in your words.
Sometimes your absence,
Communicates what your presence couldn’t.

* * * * *

Dorah Achieng is an upcoming poet and a fictionist who is passionate about writing. As a little girl, she observed her dad always glued to his books and she would sit beside him. He would then give her a book to read as well and eventually, she grew a passion in reading and writing. Her manuscripts are yet to be published and is looking forward to publishing them soon. 

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