Tuesday 20 April 2021

Women of the Islands

by Norah Coyne

Strong are We
Grown from Beauty
Of Nature and Sea
We Know the land
And the way she breathes
Women of the Islands
Strong are We
We stand in our power
We read the land
We read the elements
We understand
Women of the Islands
Strong are We
This is who we are meant to be

* * * * *

© Norah Coyne

Author's note:
This is a poem written about the Women of a Small Island in Connemara, Ireland.

A poem of their strength and the way they can read the elements.

Norah Coyne is a Moon Mna Facilitator that translates as Moon Woman. She runs monthly moon healing community circles in Ireland and on Zoom and has been working with female empowerment and the work of the Goddesses and Angels as well as Celtic Shamanism for many years. She is based in Connemara in Ireland. https://www.norahcoyne.com

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