Monday 19 April 2021

Don’t Wash

             “I’m returning in three days. Dont wash.”*

by Alexis Rhone Fancher

I touch myself so I can savvy what you rut in. Bring my fingers to my mouth, imagine you in our bed, returned from the three-day fray, redolent of the weight of the world, and me, your dirty, dirty girl, naked, eager, as you make your way down, breathing in my hair, my lips, the sweet spot where neck meets collarbone. I’ve made a religion of your fantasies, a science of what you desire. That ferine moan, my always startled gasp at first thrust. I angle, cocked hips, a bit askew. How I arch for maximum penetration, hands pushing against your chest, while my thighs pull you in. Our bed is a rocket launch, a bacchanal, a pelicans steep dive into the sea. I revel in that you revel in me. A lifetime away from Michael, my first love, that long ago when Id used the freshening wipe before I arrived, so as not to offend. Id spread myself wide on his bed, confident, watching the top of his head (black curls) as he explored me — that fear of not being Summers Eve™ fresh, worried my pussy might disenchant, the musk of me — all wiped away. He raised his head. Next time, Michael said, once hed tasted me. Dont wash.

*From a love letter Napoleon sent to Josephine 

* * * * *

"Don't Wash" was first published in 
SWWIM (Summer, 2020).

Alexis Rhone Fancher is published in Best American Poetry, Rattle, Hobart, Verse Daily, Plume, Cleaver, Diode, Duende, Pirene’s Fountain, Poetry East, Pedestal Magazine and elsewhere. She’s authored five poetry collections, most recently, Junkie Wife (Moon Tide Press, 2018), The Dead Kid Poems (KYSO Flash Press, 2019), and EROTIC: New & Selected (New York Quarterly Books, 2021). Another, full-length collection (in Italian) by Edizioni Ensemble, Italia, will be published in 2021. A multiple Pushcart Prize and Best of the Net nominee, Alexis is poetry editor of Cultural


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