Saturday, 24 April 2021



by Vibha Vasanth

One night I was alone on a bench below a tree
Quietly, someone came sat next to me
I took no notice of this stranger
But the minutes that passed now seemed longer
Intrigued, I turned around and said hello
She returned the gesture, her voice soft, mellow
We got to talking about the night
And stopped only when we saw the sun's light
She then left as quiet as she came
When I realized, I hadn’t asked her name
This was, now, one of the regrets I bore
My time with her left me wanting more
I hoped to see her again some day
If that would happen, no one could say
Later one day when it was pouring rain
I stood on the platform, awaiting my train
And there I saw her, on the other side
She too spotted me, her gaze intensified
A moment of recognition between two strangers
Left me yearning to see her no longer
I got on my train with a feeling of satisfaction
We both left, each in a different direction.

* * * * *

Vibha Vasanth is an expert dreamer & idler who enjoys writing and baking while yearning to watch sitcoms and movies.

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