Monday 11 January 2021


by Jill Crainshaw

“The stars are falling–”
was she asking or announcing? 
“a sign of the times.”

A rocking, smiling moon 
slid beneath the stars–
to catch them, perhaps,
as they tumble
through turbulent times
to a light-hungry earth? 

“She will hold the pieces,” I said
and smiled back at the hopeful moon–
bent on cradling the aching light
until she is full–
one more time.

* * * * *

Jill Crainshaw is a poet, preacher, and teacher. Through her writing and teaching, she celebrates life’s seasons and seasonings. She and her two dogs, Bella and Penny, look for poems each day in their back yard. Sometimes Jill writes them down. Check out Jill’s most recent book, Thrive: How professionals 55 and over can get unstuck and renew their lives on her website,

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