Tuesday, 5 January 2021

Going Home

by Claire Keogh

The brilliant light and the soft waves came
caressing me
crashing down upon me.

I saw the sunlight coming over me
and then the angels came
washing over me.

and the moonlight shone
right above me
they went without me.

It was not my time, not my time at all
so next time baby,
I’ll be ready.

Have my phone charged
and my backpack
heaven bound.

so that I can leave behind
all that’s important
in this mortal world.

* * * * *

Claire Keogh MA is an Irish writer and poet living in Dublin and currently studying Philosophy at University in Brussels. In the 1990s, she lived and studied in the United States. Claire has published work in print in both in the US and Europe, and online, and she has several books on Amazon.com, including a poetry collection 24 Poems in 24 Hours: A Journey and a novella A Tale of Three Weddings

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