Saturday, 14 November 2020

We Talked of Time 

by Cat Sole

Walking on the rooftops, talking of time 
A bare foot dipping into the city light and haze of traffic 
Unimportant, you said 
As a shoe tumbled onto a balcony (too) far below 
It will serve better as a stranger’s story
An odd disturbance in their ordered (chaotic) universe
It was a shame about the pot plant 

Last night I dreamt of playing cards, I told you 
You said you’d dreamt of sleep 
And hair tumbling down a shower drain
And babies
And the soft touch of clean bedsheets
Walking the edge of a building as if it were the path home 
Safe and familiar
(Never mind the drop)

Space was (never) unimportant
Like a fallen shoe and broken earth
So we talked of time instead
And made ourselves content 
With the abyss below 

* * * * *

Cat Sole is a kiwi writer based in Sydney. She is the writer of the web series "Six Short Weeks" and "The Strange and Infinite World of Numbers" and the producer and co-host of the writing podcast "Kill the Cat." She is currently struggling to write this bio because her calico cat is demanding to lie on her keyboard. 

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