Monday, 9 November 2020

Beating Covid 19

by Myra King

At ninety-four
she never believed
in 2020
she'd be a war hero
a survivor
from the frontline

as a teen in 44
she worked in Munitions
nowhere near
the enemy
not fighting but supporting

her work, her country said
saved lives but she knew
in the darkest hour
of her nights
also lost them

now straight
from the frontline
healed and complete
she breathes
and smiles
at the reporters

amid the clapping
and flashing of lights
stay strong, she says
her bravery
reflecting in
their younger
restless eyes  
behind the cameras' lens

* * * * * *

Author's note: The wonderful story of the survival of a 94 year-old woman beating Covid inspired me to write this poem:

Myra Kinglives on Worlds End Highway in South Australia with her rescue greyhound, Sparky. Her poems and short stories have been published in print and online by Writing in a Woman's Voice, Puncher &Wattmann, October Hill NY, Boston Literary Magazine, Rochford Street Review, EDF, EDP, Heron's Nest and San Pedro River Review.
She has won the UK Global, the US Moon Prize and been shortlisted for the US Glass Woman Prize and the Scarlett Stiletto SINC Sisters In Crime AUS. 

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