Tuesday, 10 November 2020

Introducing Me

by Alexis Garcia

I’m an unfinished thought
A mosaic of melancholic memories
A misplaced comma

The unintentional pauses between
Phrases riddled with double meanings
A semi-functioning vessel on the surface
Covering up the frequent malfunctions
In desperate need of repair.
A questioned answer
An impenetrable equation
A hopeful variable seeking to 
Become a constant
A nuanced enigma
A fickle frenzy
Misinterpreted, unable to be contained
Misunderstood, wanting someone to match my refrain
I used to believe I was 
Better in theory and
Left much to be desired in practice
But the fact is, even stars collapse
I get pushed to the edge
On the brink of complete self-destruction
And dare to find my way back. 
This is me, in all of my hesitant glory
Eagerly awaiting to embark on
The next chapter in my story. 

* * * * *

Alexis Garcia is a queer Hispanic writer from New York, NY. She graduated from Manhattanville College in 2017 with a Bachelor of Arts in English. Since then, she has had some of her poetry published in a few anthologies: Volume Red and Volume Honey with Beautiful Minds Unite LLC and Upon Arrival: Threshold with Eber & Wein Publishing.


  1. The way this crescendos and accelerates over bumps and hurdles is exhilarating.