Wednesday, 5 August 2020


by Lynne Zotalis

The crisis at hand, on everyone’s mind.
United in our anxiety, we’re held together by faith or humanity.
You are my neighbor, you are my friend and I will do whatever I can to keep you safe.
As well, I expect you to do the same for me.
I will wash my hands, I will not endanger myself or you.
What is in my power to do, I will.
This collective mind, our hidden or manifest fear
pulses like a drumbeat urging us to do more, do something, anything.
We are sheltered in place, socially distanced, unable to touch, feel, hug, kiss,
all of the comforting gestures that would calm us.
Those of us that can, that have a propensity to, write.
Putting our thoughts and prayers, our questions and confusion on paper
we attempt to move the frustrating elements a minuscule distance away,
for a minute or possibly longer.
I am also of a mind to place blame,
even though I know that is generally not healthy for the overall psyche
but it is needful for me to vent...
I hold this present presidunce,
the commandeerer in chief primarily responsible for the ignorance
and initial understatement of the current pandemic
while he bloviated about his control over the virus.
Claiming it could not have been foreseen,
that testing was going smoothly hyperbolating
even self-aggrandizing throughout his public appearances
I shuddered at his ineptitude.
When pressed for answers to the rocketing situation he blamed President Obama!
Two years ago the pandemic team abruptly left the administration.
They have not been replaced.
The centers for Disease Control have steadily been defunded.
How can we tell if Rumpletrumpskin is lying?
Hah! His mouth is moving!
He claimed people were being heavily tested before allowed back in the U. S.
but there was only enhanced screening [not tests for COVID-19!]
And this one, “more lives will be lost through suicide
if we don’t lift the shelter in place sanction by Easter!”
Outrageously irresponsible false claims meant to scare, intimidate, and distract.
Don’t be duped.
Listen carefully and heed what the medical professionals are advising.
Do isolate as much as possible.
Be smart.
Be kind.
Be safe.

* * * * *

Lynne Zotalis is a published author and poet, practicing the life-long pursuit to be a peacemaker. She believes and is involved with social, political, and environmental causes. If we can impart awareness to the youngest citizens, our grandchildren, this planet will survive. Her Amazon author page chronicles her books and accomplishments, the latest Hippie at Heart: What I Used To Be, I Still Am  

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  1. Rumpletrumpskin haha presidunce ha commandeerer in chief hahaha

    Love the tone--subdued, reasoning, almost meek as it segues slyly into the governing farce.