Tuesday, 18 August 2020


by Kathy Abrahams

Angry god of climate change shows his
whimsical capricious nature.
Freakish weather scrawls erratic signatures
across the skies,
Fingers encircle hot and cold taps.
Creatures that have breath in their bodies
wilt and swelter.
Feel acquainted with the fires of hell.
Infernos scorch land, hearts and minds.
Bi-polar logic dictates the seasons of nature.
Floods of Biblical proportions wash away
communities, livelihoods,
Lives, human and animal.
Disorientation is the order of the day.
Many believe in the voracious nature of
this beast,
Some do not.
Governments pledge aid to implement measures
to curb its hunger.
Wispy clouds of promises that evaporate like
ghosts into the ether,
Greed, a consuming fireball, drives industries
to seek more and more,
Regardless of the consequences to
Mother Earth,
Her cries of distress are largely unheard.
'Wake up, my children, people of the world,
lest my tears form a raging torrent
to sweep you and your treasures into a
sea of oblivion.'

* * * * *

Kathy Abrahams Copyright

Kathy Abrahams' work has appeared in a number of magazines. She lives in Busselton, Western Australia. She has 2 poetry titles with Ginninderra Press: Skies Of My Dreams and Creative Potpourri.

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