Thursday, 13 August 2020


by Saheli Gosh

Hurricane, tempest, storm
Make sure you choose a name for your soul refusing to sleep.

Friday, Saturday, Sun                                                                                    
The week begins as it ends in the sobs and the weep.

Longing, craving, thirst
Your movements must know what conjures within.

Flashlights, streetlights, Moon
In the world of returns, have their own ways of leading.

Fingers, forehead, chest
Practise planting kisses in every deserted corner.

Formals, black dress, Tee-s
Every next keeps reminding you of the former.

Rantings, dancing, smiles
Stolen moments are what keeps you alive.

Groceries, bookshelves, toys
It's so often that you ask yourself, "How could I be so naive?"

Evening, midnight, dawn
That's all it ever took the universe to regenerate.

Strength, belief, hope
Keep them close as you learn not to bring yourself to hate.

* * * * *

Saheli Ghosh is an English Language Teacher at the Ramakrishna Mission Institute of Culture in Kolkata, India. She has completed her Masters in English and is currently pursuing her B. Ed. from Loreto College. A wandering soul, she believes herself to be a phoenix willing to make the ashes count through words. Her works have been published in the Ariel Chart International Literary Journal.