Saturday 22 August 2020

The Fiercely Rising Woman

by Aimee DuFresne 

For the woman who wears a smile on her lips and has found genuine joy even in the mist of great despair and heartache.

Her lips release words of love and kindness when she senses someone's suffering and offers salve to their soul.

Her heart has shattered open but she still believes in beauty and light, even when she is surrounded by darkness.

She who holds hope in her heart, no matter how tiny a thread, the glimmer of this shred she holds sacred.

Her laughter shakes the seeds of pain from taking root in her soul.

The woman who walks into any room and lights it up with her inner glow, making heads turn and hearts shift to a higher vibration.

To the woman who has been beaten down by harsh words, inexcusable actions, or indescribable fears. Yet refused to remain down. Instead she stood up, stronger. She erected boundaries, at first in a struggle for safety, but soon within its confines she would create her new kingdom.

Digging her feet in, finding her foundation and moving forward with greater grace and ease, releasing the struggle as she allowed Spirit to run through her veins and gather the pieces of her shattered heart, making it sparkle brighter than ever before.

The woman who opened that shattered sparkling brightness to choose love over fear. Progress over pain. Passion over perfection.

The woman that is you.

Perhaps you think I’m not talking to you. Rather the reference is to your soul sister, your fearless friend, that other woman. The one you yearn to be but feel hopeless to attain.

Your kingdom is in ashes. Your heart is heavy. Your vibration flatlined.

My darling, that is all part of the journey. Rain and rainbows. Love and loss. Joy and pain. Each co-exist.

Where you are now is crucial. It is taking you where you most want, and need to be.

Your heart will shatter. Transform the scars to shine like diamonds, radiating sparkles from the depth of your being to shine out into the world.

You will lose at times. Friends, lovers, people, pets. You might endure deaths, divorces…loss of health, wealth, and sense of self.

Allow the loss, feel it fully, and let it lead you to the place deep within your soul that knows the truth. You are infinite. Love is infinite. Life is infinite. Loss is only an illusion.

Feel your feelings, dive in deeply. Allow anger, resentment, grief, fear, loneliness, hopelessness rush through your veins, igniting your cells. Stay with it, not leaving it to seek shelter while it embeds in your soul. Stay with it, as it courses through you, at last releasing.

Leaving you empty. Open to possibilities.

Fall back to love, strengthen your soul.

And rise, rise, realizing the army of love that surrounds you.

For you, yes you, are a fiercely rising woman.

And when that realization sweeps over you, and only then, is when the emptiness is filled. Overflowing. Cascading light, laughter, joy, and love, run through you, each cell igniting the next.

You have arrived.

And when eyes of the grief-stricken girl look up to you in awe, you lean down and whisper gently in her ear. And the gift shall be hers too.

* * * * *

"The Fiercely Rising Woman" was first published by Rebelle Society January 9th, 2016 

Aimee DuFresne is an avid storyteller, experienced speaker, and author of Keep Going: From Grief to Growth. She follows the creative inspiration within, pairing it with coffee in the morning, wine at night, and has a fierce determination to uncover joy in this wild life.

Her writing has been published in various online and print publications including Rebelle Society, MindBodyGreen, and the Chicken Soup for the Soul series (The Joy of Less and The Empowered Woman), in addition to making guest expert appearances on a variety of podcasts, radio and television programs.