Sunday, 14 April 2019

Whale Meditation

by Francesca West

In the water
We submerge into our deepest depth
Then come back up for air.
You can accomplish everything down there
But must resurface daily, hourly,
Go deep. Feel the pressure,
Uncover your sunken dreams 
And the scary things that have taken over.
Dive to where the folds are and peel back layers,
Spread the whole truth open. Underwater, you dive as many times
As you want to see yourself rise.
Go down. Submerge in the water.
Explore the hidden depths.
Piece by piece you’ll learn to live,
Extend your breath, 
And reach your divine presence.
It’s in pieces on the ocean’s floor.
If your aversion to go down deep is not overcome
You only live from shallow shores.

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