Friday, 26 April 2019

Time’s Dominion

by Carole Mertz

When ancient
buildings crumble,
we cringe.

We want to hold forever
the delights of The Rose
Windows of Chartres.

What if l’Arc de Triomphe
tumbles and Lady Liberty
withers green?

Hagia Sophia,
minaret-laden, no longer

Shall we not convene
to plan a better
use of Now?

* * * * *

"Time’s Dominion," first appeared in Voices on the Wind.

Carole Mertz critiques poetry and prose for various journals, including Eclectica, Mom Egg Review, World Literature Today, and South 85 Journal. Her recent poems are at Eclectica, The Ekphrastic Review, Muddy River Poetry Review, Prairie Light Review, Quill & Parchment, Writing in a Woman’s Voice, Kind of a Hurricane Press, and Voices de la Luna. Currently ekphrastic poetry takes center place at her writing desk. 

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