Sunday, 30 September 2018

A New Day

by deb y felio

Clean out the closets that store the old hates
Clean out the drawers of reprobates
Clean out the attic - the stale thoughts and dust
Clean out the dark basement of revenge and lust.

Clean out the spaces that too long have held
injustice and injury - evils thinly veiled.
They’ve been there for years, throw them out the door,
Whatever are you keeping them for?

Open the windows, let the fresh air
Bring in hope, kick out the despair.
Open the drapes and bring in the light,
Feel the sun’s warmth after a very cold night.

It’s a new day - the morning after
It’s time once again to bring in the laughter
Bring in the music, bring in the song
Bring in the courage that’s brought us along.

Bring in the joy with true gratitude
Bring in a world through grace freshly viewed
Bring in the neighbor, bring in the friend
Bring in the stranger, a hand to extend.

The wars may continue, but just for this moment
Let us rejoice and believe that we own it.
Despite difficult times of war and strife
We celebrate today - this most blessed life!

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