Friday 7 September 2018

Leaf and Vine

by Lisa Fields

Dreaming of regeneration,
brown leaves
curl and crumble
New growth
green, resilient
carries nourishment
xylem and phloem
from toes
to the roots of my hair
vines uncurl, shoulder to fingertips
willow leaves
whisper at my
 I rest in a grove
of companions
Sun warmed bark--
brow in the shade of alder--
sycamore dances
at my hips
catching the light

* * * * *

Author's note: Xylem ("ZYlem") and phloem ("floam") are the primary tissues of plants' circulatory systems. Xylem moves most nutrients up from the roots, and 
also becomes the woody fibers of trees and phloem moves sugars and other molecules from leaves for re-distribution within the plant.

Lisa Fields lives in Southwestern New Mexico. Writing poetry expresses her desire to be immersed in a state of balance. Her inspiration comes from the joy of wild places and the challenge to live happily in the domesticated world. She is a contract writer for Quirine Ketterings, Professor of Nutrient Management in Agricultural Systems, Cornell University, Ithaca, NY. In her home state of NY, Lisa served the farming community as an Extension educator for 10 years, and then worked for 10 years as a self-employed advisor.

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