Monday, 3 September 2018

Conversion Measurements

by Deb y Felio

Love is a many splintered thing and flows so quickly from thing to thing because things don’t require a commitment or sacrifice, until the thing becomes a you.

I loved

coffee but laid it aside and put the $3/day in a jar - a few hot meals for another

opinions - especially my own and volunteered them freely until laying them aside to listen

midday breaks - a must have simple pleasure - laid aside to practice without distraction

play parks of green grass and OSHA approved, left for dusty, rusty square patches in poverty

access to all natural, organic choices - denied to buy from street vendors needing a day’s wage

simple conveniences - hot water, flushing toilets - now appreciating just a partly covered spot

special privileges - frequent flyer, gifts with purchase - forgotten in the struggle for survival

individuality - doing it my way for me - now following others, supporting their way

one on one time - private moments with others - now sharing everything all the time

national identity - prideful - laid aside for others in their countries 

When no longer defined by the presence or absence of things, when caring for people and seeking their best by their definition, love breaks through barriers of idolized preconceptions.

Blind to others' needs
selfish consumption my cell
freed through gratitude

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