Monday, 7 May 2018

Who are you in my dream?

by Judith Michaels Safford

Who are you in my dream?
I am the raven of your night
who snatches every broken heart you toss.
The one who stashes them tight in
your nightstand drawer,
the wounded hearts from childhood pain,
your broken heart from youth’s self-disdain,
and the hearts you’ve brushed aside like bread crumbs
when you thought you’d had enough and, yet, dissatisfied.
They sleep not, but lie in wait at the gate of each dream.
“Can you see me now?” They cry.
My wings spread wide as your protection
until your eyes feel safe to open.
And, even then,
I carry you.

* * * * *

In 2006, Judith Michaels Safford discovered a radio program on writing poetry. She followed the prompts and mustered up the courage to press the send button. She was invited to read and a door was open that had not previously existed. She finds that her emotions express more easily through poetry. Judith self-published her memoir in 2009. Don’t Sell Your Soul, Memoir of a Guru Junkie. Encouraged by a published poet-friend, she embarked on self-publishing a book of prayer poems. Joyful Surrender, A pilgrimage. Judith continues to practice a 23-year career as a licensed massage therapist. Today her home is Glenwood, New Mexico, where artists of many kind reside. Touching others with hands and poems brings a tremendous satisfaction of purpose to her life.

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