Thursday, 31 May 2018

i am all i have

by linda m. crate

all my life i have been waiting:
for the text that never comes,
and the friend that always
lets me down or cancels at the last minute,
for the chance to come that never comes;
but i'm done waiting
i am going to live my life
devoid of all their rules
shed myself of all these anxieties and insecurities
all these doubts i bottled deep inside—
yes, i have my flaws and my scars,
but i am also beautiful;
there is a beauty, a magic, a power in me
for being me that is mine and mine alone
i will not surrender my divinity or my voice
to anyone—
i am done waiting
going to plant myself into moments,
and bloom
because i deserve a better life than i gave myself
all those years ago when i was waiting
for my father to save me;
i had to learn that i had to save and love myself
because in the end i am all i have.

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