Saturday, 12 May 2018


by Isabel del Rio

who would not want to live in the Moon
when it has
so many seas,
made from our very own dust and with
names that I can only
dream of:

the sea of nectar
sea of serenity
sea of foam
sea of vapours
sea of fecundity and sea of cleverness
sea of moisture
sea of humour
sea of clouds
even a lake of sleep

and only upon the sea of tranquility did Apollo astronauts walk

* * * * *

"four hundred times" is from Isabel del Rio's poetry collection The Moon at the End of my Street (published by Friends of Alice Publishing, 2016)

Isabel del Rio is a bilingual poet and writer living in London.  She has published fiction and poetry in both English and Spanish, and has worked extensively as a linguist and journalist.  Her writing has also appeared in anthologies and online magazines.  Her most recent published work of fiction is Zero Negative, a collection of short stories on the subject of bloodshed, and her latest poetry book is The moon at the end of my street.  Her forthcoming works are two collections of short stories and a novel.  She regularly takes part in readings and performance poetry events. Website:

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