Monday, 14 May 2018

she came in through the bathroom window (remix)

by Eileen Murphy

slip-sliding over the sill
like a seal

wearing her lime & lemon

my grandma waddles up to me
as i’m drinking day-old coffee
working on the computer

leaving a wet glistening trail
behind her
on the hardwood floor

she clasps me close

damp & smelling
like the sea
till I relax & hold her
round the waist

till I know I’m hugging
the same old woman
i loved who died

now she’s in the kitchen
fixing salads for our supper

though she never eats
a single bite

* * * * *

A former Chicagolander, Eileen Murphy now lives 30 miles from Tampa. She received her Masters degree from Columbia College, Chicago. She teaches literature and English at Polk State College in Lakeland and has recently published poetry in Thirteen Myna Birds, Tinderbox (nominated for Pushcart Prize), Yes Poetry, The American Journal of PoetryRogue AgentDeaf Poets Society, and other journals. Her website is

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