Wednesday, 15 November 2017

Words to prey by

by Eve Dobbins

Words of prey
A snail crawls by
Caddy corner to my feet
Like a verbal tit-for-tat
He encroaches upon my territory
Slapping and then slipping along the muddy bank.
The black geese on the deck
Preen their necks gracefully celebrating the day
Darting slitty eyes like
A consumer eyeing the latest I-phone.
I pause for posterity
But in a flash
The landscape changes
Like the moving cloud
Released from idle
Only the snail retains
Its stand
Inch by inch
Like us…
We are creatures of habit
The more we try to change
The more we slug behind.

* * * * *

Eve Dobbins was born in New York City and raised in a small town located in the Catskill Mountains where everyone knew your name. After graduating from Stony Brook University with an English degree, she spent several years working in Manhattan in the garment industry; as a real estate property appraiser with the city of New York and a girl Friday for local radio talk show host, Barry Farber, as well as a stint in the United States Navy. Her favorite authors are Lee Child, Lisa Unger, and Ann Rule.  Her favorite quote for inspiration is “Everyone has two eyes but no one has the same view” (Wael Harakeh). Her husband is her co-conspirator in writing and baking which paved the way for Cupcake Cache, a gourmet cupcakerie which closed in 2015. Mrs. Dobbins has a MA in TESOL and has lived and worked in Asia and the Middle East. Presently, she makes a living as an English teacher. She was named in August 2017 “Poet of the Month” by “The Horror Zine.”  One of her most most recent published poem is:

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