Monday, 27 November 2017

I Don’t Want a Lover

by Cesca Janece Waterfield

I want a buccaneer, I want
a pirate ship rocking
in gale force winds, I want
to plant my feet on deck and cry,
                                                   land ho
as the tallest mast you ever saw bends over
in spray and salt. Somebody get me
Vasco de Gama so I can say,
                                       You looking for spice?

I'm talking the kind of fellow
who just thinking about him makes me feel good,
so I think about him some more,
and on second thought keep finding him
the least resistible idea I ever had.

I want to sit with this man in a restaurant
and have absolutely no doubt we have
the dirtiest minds in the room. We'll split
that scene and climb inside a cab and I'm talking
this guy will tongue me all the way
downtown, right to the edge
of the sea. We'll stand and look out over
the water, hips facing west,
turning east, till Vasco roars up, planks groaning
with Chinese silk, Madagascan cinnamon, French caramels,
and then we’re gonna get on that heap and sail.    

* * * * *

"I Don't Want a Lover" was previously published in Cesca Janece Waterfield's first collection, Bartab (Two-Handed Engine Press, 2010). 

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