Saturday, 18 November 2017


by Jane Yolen

Dance the maze,
They tell me.
Trace the goddess steps.

Yet there seems
no pattern, no floor.
All is chaos:

A tangle of webs,
twists of threads,
history’s clots.

Stone beneath,
Stone above,
I sink into the grey.

But as I dance,
unspooled life winds
about my spindle.

Now I see the path.
One foot after another,
Till labyrinth reveals.

Then I dance home
to the center of self
and out again.                             

* * * * *

Jane Yolen is the author of 360+ books (actual number) including 8 books of adult poetry. Much of her work is for young readers, but she has a number of novels, essay collections, and pedagogical books for adult as well.

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