Monday, 13 November 2017

The Window

by E J Randolph

“When did you say your wife would be back?”
“I didn't.”
“Don't worry so much. Come here. Let me kiss you. Hey, stop pulling away. You love me don't you?”
“Yes, but I don't like this.”
“What's that?”
“Stop pulling on my arm.”
“I want to hold you. Stand still.”
“I don't want to make love in your wife's bed.”
“But, it's my bed too.”
“That's worse. It's like I can see the two of you together.”
“Come on now. I don't love her any more. Let me kiss you.”
“Oh, alright.”
“Come on, sit on the bed.”
“We're not sitting. We're lying down.”
“Even better. You're beautiful, you know. Here, let me help you get that off. You feel so nice.”
“Mmm, keep doing that.”
“Sure, Baby.”
“Kiss me again.”
“I'm going to kiss you all over.”
“You're tickling me.”
“How about this?”
“Oh. Oh. Wow! Yes. YES! You're the best!”
“That's what I keep telling you. Stick with me Baby, and I'll take you to the moon.
“All guys promise that.”
“But, I can deliver.
“Look! There’s a shadow on the blinds. Someone's there. At the window.”
“That's a stone. Someone threw a stone in here! Almost hit the bed. What's happening?”
“HENRY! I know you're in there.”
“Hush! Hurry, get into that closet over there.”
“That's my wife.”
“Oh, alright. But, I thought you didn't love her anymore.”
“Just get in the closet. It'll just be a minute.”
“Henry! I'm coming in.”
“Sweetie, I've been waiting for you.”
“On the bed?”
“Where else would I be? I missed you all day. I was here dreaming of your return.”
“Are you alone?”
“What else would I be?
“I thought I heard voices.”
“Just me calling out for you, my sweetie.”
“You really were missing me?”
“Sure. Come here and I'll show you.”
“Well, alright.”
“I love your sweet kisses. Makes me want so much more.”
“I'm sorry I doubted you.”
“Let me prove to you how much I love you.”
“Oh, Henry.”
“I've been dreaming all day of holding you and making love to you. Here, let me help you get that off.”
“Henry, oh, Henry! That's so good! More! More! Ah!”
“I'm still the best, Sweetie.”
“Oh, you are.”
“One more kiss.”
“Yes, yes, yes.”
“And, another?”
“But, what do I do about the window?”
“Get it fixed.”
“I'll get my phone and call the repair person.”
“Good idea. I'll be there in a minute... Hush! You can come out of the closet now.”
“I got dressed. But, now, how do I get out of here?
“See that broken window?”
“I'll get cut.”
“Wait. I'll clean the edges with this stone.”
“But, the blinds.”
“I’ll pull them off. Now, you can climb out. The window is big enough.”
“I don't like any of this. Can you imagine how I felt listening to the two of you?”
“About dinner tomorrow night –”
“Why did you do that?”
“You said you didn't love your wife.”
“But, I had to make love to her.”
“Have fun. You can spend the rest of your life making love to her. But, never to me. And, that's final.”
“But, but, but, don't you see?”
“I see all too well. Good! Bye!”
“Baby, baby, come back.”
“Henry! What are you doing?”
 “Oh, hi, Sweetie. I was calling to that brown dog over there. You see it?”
“No, I don't. All I see is one cheap trollop walking up the street. You were calling to her, weren't you? I knew I heard voices. Well, that's it. We're through.”
“Sweetie, no. You must believe me.”
“I'm done believing you.”
“Look, come here. I'll prove my love to you just like I did a few minutes ago.”
“I'm through with that as well.”
“You'll miss me. I'm the one that can make you laugh and cry with passion.”
“I'm laughing and crying with anger right now.”
“Come on, Sweetie, one little kiss. Look at me. I want you.”
“Oh, alright, one little kiss, a good-bye kiss.”
“Mmm. That was so good, I need another.”
“You are a bad boy, but I gotta admit that was good.”
“See, I told you. Come on, let me prove my love to you.”
“I need to call the repair person for the window. Look, even the blind was ripped off. Anyone can see us or hear us.”
“Let them. I'm proud of my love for you. Besides, who's going to look?”
“But, we’re standing right in front of the open window.”
“Stop worrying. We're good together, Sweetie. I never want to lose you. No one else matters. Look down here, you can see how much I want you.”
Public indecency! You're under arrest.”

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