Wednesday, 25 October 2017

                        This Is My Temple

                        by Lisa Okon

                        This is my temple
                        Here we have spent many deep slow hours
                        Becoming as one.
                        Here I was reborn
                        In this room of shadows and light

                        This is my temple
Here you became the air I breathe, filling me.
                        You are the sweat that bathes my skin
                        In the summer heat
                        You are the fresh breeze that strokes me

                        This is my temple
                        Here I have learned to see all that is around me.
                        I find your face in all faces
                        Your voice in all voices
                        And they are music

                        This is my temple
                        I have traveled over great distances to meet you
                        And many years
                        Wandering through vast desert spaces
                        Of meaninglessness

                        This is my place of peace
                        In the purr of motors, the roar of engines, the clamor of machinery
                        I can sleep in silence.
                        I open my eyes and you lead me by the hand                       
                        Into wakefulness

                        In this place of love and lust
                        You have invited me to enter you
                        And I have responded
                        Living with my obsession
                        Awake in my dream of life

                        But as they demolish the houses of our neighbors
                        Let them demolish too this temple
                        For these words are only scattered markings in the sand
                        Scratched by a baby with his stick
                        Or footprints made by bathers
                        To be washed away by the sea


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