Monday, 2 October 2017

Clouds Cento #5
A found poem, source: Clouds by Aristophanes. Trans. Ian Johnson.

by Eileen Murphy

when it rains
how sweet it is

to snuggle and snore
and let your thinking loose—
with thread
around its foot

frogs from pomegranate peel
fleas’ footprints
quivering poplar leaves

are laughing as plane trees
softly to the elms

(it may well be) you move on
to physical desires

a honey cake outside your wool blankets

the one there with long hair
the spinner of words

* * * * *

A former Chicagolander, Eileen Murphy now lives 30 miles from Tampa. She received her Masters degree from Columbia College, Chicago. She teaches literature and English at Polk State College in Lakeland and has recently published poetry in Thirteen Myna Birds, Tinderbox (nominated for Pushcart Prize), Yes Poetry, The American Journal of PoetryRogue AgentDeaf Poets Society, and other journals. Her website is


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