Sunday, 22 October 2017

Solace from Lake Superior

by Francesca West

The Great Lakes, 
on the rocky shore.

Couches arranged 
from large stones.

Calm, tranquil water 
as far as the eye can see.

Agates color the water 
and tumble smooth and clean.

Your judgments cannot reach me here.
Your speculations stay suspended in the air.

The dusk hugs my eyes, 
and the dark waters removed of light 

reflect the limitless sky
purified of what you think,

how you live, 
and how you’ll die.

I keep you suspended up 
while I hunker down.

Lay parallel with the ground.
I see the flaws of thinking 

swirl and mix 
with the orange and pinks,

and I let my toes 
slip into the water

and seek to keep 
my spirit clean,

free of contaminants.

To keep myself
from rising up as raindrop dust

in the clouds 
that misery inhabits.

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